STOS Symposium 2003



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Keynote Speaker:
Wednesday, 3 December, 10am- Dr. Aviel Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
Thursday, 4 December, 10am- Doug Maughan, Potomac Institute For Policy Studies
Friday, 5 December, 10am- Amit Yoran (invited), Department of Homeland Security

Monday - Tuesday, 1-2 December
Times: 9am - 4pm

Paper Presentations:
Wednesday - Friday, 3-5 December
Times: see calendar

Panel Discussions:
Wednesday - Friday , 3-5 December
Times: see calendar

Community Events*:
Urban Wireless Challenge Preparation – Monday, 1 December, 7pm
Hackathon – Tuesday, 2 December, 10am
Urban Wireless Challenge – Thursday, 4 December, 7pm


*Free – Open to the Community