STOS Symposium 2003

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Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium Announces
Fifth Annual Symposium

“Security: From Theory to Practice”

December 1-5, 2003
George Washington University
Washington, DC

The Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium (STOS) will hold its fifth annual symposium December 1-5, 2003 at George Washington University.
The symposium will feature tutorials, paper presentations, and Birds of a Feather sessions creating and deploying secure and trusted systems and the applications that run on them.

This symposium is ideal for system and lab administrators, programmers, developers, strategists, consultants and other technical staff involved in the design, development, deployment and securing of systems.
Anyone for whom security is a requirement and not just a desire should attend this event. It is a premier networking and learning opportunity in the Mac OS X and BSD community.

Keynote speakers will include: Avi Rubin from Johns Hopkins University and Doug Maughan of DARPA CHATS. Featured tutorials include: Forensics, Advanced Firewall Techniques, and Secure Software.

Call for Papers is closed, but some opportunities for presentation or panel participation still exist. Please email for more information.


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Keynote Speaker:
Wednesday, 3 December, 10am- Dr. Aviel Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
Thursday, 4 December, 10am- Doug Maughan, Potomac Institute For Policy Studies
Friday, 5 December, 10am- Amit Yoran (invited), Department of Homeland Security

Monday - Tuesday, 1-2 December
Times: 9am - 4pm

Paper Presentations:
Wednesday - Friday, 3-5 December
Times: see calendar

Panel Discussions:
Wednesday - Friday , 3-5 December
Times: see calendar

Community Events*:
Urban Wireless Challenge Preparation – Monday, 1 December, 7pm
Hackathon – Tuesday, 2 December, 10am
Urban Wireless Challenge – Thursday, 4 December, 7pm


*Free – Open to the Community