STOS Symposium 2003


Urban Wireless Challenge
Open to the Community!

12/8/2003: Results Posted

Thursday, 4 December
Room 310, Cafritz Conference Center, GWU
GWU & NW Washington, DC: 7pm - finished

Description Cover as much of the George Washington University Campus within a 1 hour limit using wireless technology and mobile agents

• Points added per hop forward
• Points subtracted per hop directly backwards
• Team with the most points after 1 hour contest wins
• Challenge is limited to 1 hour
• Team size is limited to 5 persons
• Teams are given 10 minutes to submit strategy at beginning of contest
• Max of 1 Pringle's can antenna per person
• Max of 1 laptop per person
• Beginning and end points must be in Marvin Center
• Customization of provided mobile agents is allowed

Assumptions • Points assigned are determined by the complexity (primarily distance) of link
• Link points are pre-determined.
• Default Mobile agent is provided

• Laptop with wireless card with connector for "pigtail" cable
• Pringles's Can Antenna
• Aglets Mobile Agent Environment
• Warm Coat & Gloves